Discovering the piano with Piano Adventures®

Piano Adventures — Ein Workshop für Klavierlehrer

This student‐oriented method ensures long‐term motivation for students by combining a step‐by‐step, systematic and comprehensive curriculum with a child‐friendly approach to making music at the piano.

For very beginners (age 6 and up) all the way to the intermediate level!

David Andruss, European editor and seminar instructor, will present the method, showing numerous video examples of students in various stages along this exciting “piano adventure”.

The piano method has six levels with two books per level.
Participating teachers will receive a complimentary teacher review copy of both books in Level 1.

Come and browse through the books of levels 1 through 5 before and after the presentation. You’ll find us at the Hal Leonard stand (Halle 4, Stand A507).

We look forward to greeting you in Leipzig!

Friday, March 22, 2019 — 12:00 pm
Musikzimmer, Hall 4, Stand A500
Leipziger Buchmesse

You can register via email at
or hier in the column on the right under „ANMELDUNG MUSIKLEHRERTAG“