Piano Adventures® Teacher Evaluation Copies


See for yourself why Piano Adventures® is one of the world’s leading piano methods:

Hearts and minds are nurtured in this student-centered method through analysis, creativity and expression.
The appealing pianistic pieces and creative theory pages in connection with the excellent technical approach provide lasting motivation for practice — playing the piano becomes a great adventure!

Upon request and upon presentation of proof of teacher status, teachers will receive an evaluation copy of the Elementary Piano Method from Piano Adventures. These are intended exclusively for use by teacher for determining whether they want to use this method in their own lessons. It is not permitted to pass these evaluation copies on to others.

The Piano Adventures Elementary Piano Method consists of 6 levels.
Each level includes a Lesson & Theory Book, including a CD, and a Technique & Performance Book.
The Level 6 Lesson & Theory Book has a link to download MP3 audio files instead of a CD.

You can order test copies of Piano Adventures using the form below.
Level 1 is always free. The other books are available with a 50% teacher discount.

This offer is limited to 1 copy per teacher.

You have the following options:

Option 1: “Complete” Levels 1 – 6 (2 books per level, 12 books total) € 169,85 € 69,00
Option 2: “The Basics” Levels 1 – 4 (2 books per level, 8 books total) € 115,20 € 43,00
Option 3: “Intermediate ” Levels 5 – 6 (2 books per level, 4 books total) € 54,65 € 27,00

Click on the option you would like in the order form. Due to fluctuation in exchange rates, these prices may vary in Switzerland.

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